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    OID for ASA-5520 for VPN connections / a different spin


      Hi,  I've seen a few post about monitoring VPN connections, and I haven't been able to figure out how to get the exact info I am looking for.  I've tried a number of OIDs, and get partial info, but never correct.

      If I am in Cisco ADSM and I go to monitoring / VPN / VPN Stats / VPN sessions... I have 2 numbers I'm looking for The total of the first page (Ras connections, or desktop clients) and second the number of Lan to Lan connections. 

      When I use all the OIDs I've tried so far, it seems to get confused with the IPSecoverNatT and the IPSecOverUDP for the regual connections and one of my site to site shows IPSECoverLANtoLAN and the other IPSECoverLANtoLANNATT

      When ever I try it I seem to get the overNATTs no problem.  but I'd liek to build it so I get the RAS over either with out the LANtoLAN and the LANtoLAN total number whether they are LANtoLAN or LANtoLANnatT?


      Still on the newer side of this, but when walk the tree and test anything close to what I need I either get incorrect info or OID not supported.   Can anyone out there shed some light?  I've spent too many hours at night obsessing on this, so now it's time to ask for help.