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    Discovery Duplication

    David Smith

      Hi All,

      Firstly I apologise if this issue is known or something easily fixed if I had spent more than an hour searching these forums :P

      I have recently upgraded from SL2000 to SLX for my Orion and I have started the long job of scanning my entire network (by small subnets due to timeout - a whole other issue let's not go there) and the problem I am having is that the discovery is detecting devices I already have in my system, but on a different interface.


      Most of my previous interfaces were added via the Loopback IP Address, and then I monitor the Serial / ATM & Ethernet interfaces.

      So once my discovery is complete I have the same entry twice but one entry is my original one monitoring just 1 or 2 interfaces, and then I have the new entry based on the Ethernet IP which is monitoring all interfaces that were Up (as part of the discovery options)

      What I need to do now is go through them all manually, delete the entry with the Ethernet IP as the Node IP, and then perform a List Resources on the original entry with Loopback IP and select the additional interfaces that I wasn't monitoring before due to licence limitations.

      There must be an easier way of making Solarwinds detect that the router already exists and simply add the new resources to it ?


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          This is something several of us have complained about.  I consider it a huge issue and one that bars me from using disvoery.  I have upward of 1500 devices so manually doing anything is impossible.  The discovery needs to track hostname or serial or something to notice that there is a duplicate and to only list it once.

          If this functioned I could run auto scans weekly and catch everything but that is not currently the case.

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              David Smith

              Thanks Donald,

              Glad I'm not the only one having this problem makes me feel a bit better about sitting here for the last two days manually ammending all my entries :(

              I am surprised that there isn't some way to tie the SNMP Name together I could understand if I had made a forced name change to the Node Caption ID, but almost 90% of my devices show the correct SNMP Name so I don't need to ammend it.

              Oh well Thanks anyway at least my mind is at rest now.

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              Has anyone from Solarwinds development ever answered this or have any plans to fix it?  I have the same issue and was told by support to make suggestions via thwack.

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                Yeah this is an issue that has been a problem for me since I started using Solarwinds almost 6 years ago.  The inability to recoginize and poll more than 1 IP per device is a major flaw IMHO with the product.  I am a big advocate of the product and absolutely love it but this lack of a feature has caused me multiple problems and forced me on some occassions to have to monitor a device more than once just to get the polling to the individual IP addresses.