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    Settings for This Page

      Hi All

      Just upgraded to IPM V10 and all went really well - liking the new look!

      One thing I cannot find now though is how to customise the start page that the user gets when they log in.  I have customers who have access to the dashboard but on 8.5 I was able to show them their monitors only.  They were able to navigate to the top but when they first logged in it showed just their monitors then they could switch to NOC view.

      In IPM10 I cannot find this option all I can find is what tab the user gets when they first log in which isn't much good to my customers

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      PS - There is a Make This My Start Page when you are looking at the dashboard in IPM8.5 so need to know where that is!

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          Hi Rowantroy,

          The dashboard within ipMonitor 8.5 basically brought you to a page where you could flip to full screen mode and then switch between Details View and NOC View.  These views are available if you click the "Devices" tab and then click "NOC View" on the top-right grey bar.  From here, you can click "Page Settings" and then click "Make this my start page", the exact same way you did it in ipMonitor 8.5.
          Hope this  helps.
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