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    Modifying ESX polling information


      This is a bit strange and confusing.

      We have a production test environment that is a ESX Host with multiple VM servers. It is firewalled off and the test host VM's IP addressing matches the production environment hosts. We NAT the test hosts for access from our production environment.


      Production server 10.251. 17.12        Test Server Nat'd as

      Solarwinds sees the production server as and the test server as

      The problem we have is the ESX host reports all the VM test servers and their original IPs. This causes Solarwinds to match the two real IP's and show the production server is part of the ESX test host while the actual VM server is reported as a stand alone server. Complete opposite  of what is actually happening. 

      Is there a way for me to create a ESX poller that does not report the IP's of the VM's it is hosting and therefore stop Solarwinds from associating two IP's.