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    Support Escalation


      OK so SolarWinds support is going through some growing pains but their is positive movement so that is good.

      I think one thing that is sorely missing is a way to escalate your case.  Clearly the priority of a case is a **** shoot.  To me it seems they are all treated pretty much the same.  But I think a clear distinction needs to be made between everyday issues and parts or all of a system being down. 

      Maybe something as simple as changing the case priorities would help from High and Urgent to System Down, partial system down etc.

      In any case something needs to be done.  Right now the only thing you can do is whine to your sales rep IF (big if) you can get them or post on the board in the hopes a PM will see it.

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          Donald, thanks for the feedback.  Today there are 2 ways you can escalate a case within Support  

          1.        You can reply back to the support case and request that the case be escalated to a manager since you aren’t happy with the way the case is currently being handled or

          2.       You can call in to Support and request that your current case be escalated to a manager


          I have a different opinion regarding your comments that priority is a **** shoot.  Support cases are handled based on the priority set by you.  Any new support cases are handled in priority order so urgents are taken before highs etc. 


          This seems to be related to a similar post you made on Friday (The support issue is becoming a serious problem for me.........) regarding APM being down.  You stated in that thread that you got a few timely emails from Support and the last had a link to a KB article.  In that last message the rep sent to you with the KB article, it also asked for you to update us.  The next communication you sent was the thwack post saying Support wasn’t being responsive.  If the KB article didn’t resolve your issue, reply back and we would have continued to work with you to get the issue resolved.


          Based on your recent comments,  Support isn't meeting your expectations as to the way things should be handled for a site down scenario.   I will work on some improvements in this area – specifically the way we handle these issues and also making it clearer/easier to escalate cases of this or any other type.  I can’t tell you what the changes will be yet since I don’t know the best solution, but I do hear what you’re saying and I’ll work on improvements.  Thanks for your suggestions on things that might help - I'll consider them but I'm not sure if changing the description of the case priority to "site down" would have been enough for you to be happy with the way the case was handled.



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              If you look you should notice I put in a good amount of tickets, we heavily use NPM, APM, NCM, and NTA.

              From my experience, a higher priority will get you a faster initial response.  After that my experince is highly varied.  Overall usually the only  time I get a consistent repsonse is if a ticket has been escalated by me asking for it or me throwing a fit if asking fails.

              And yes you are correct I DID indeed get an email asking me for an update how things were BUT IT WAS 3 DAYS LATER. 

              Please see below.  You will notoice the final email on the 28th from support then 3 from me asking for additional help and the final one on that day went to my rep.  The 31st was the next time I heard from support themsevles.

              Please note the emails with the subject of just the case number are from an escalation engineer.