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    NPM stops receiving some data from Cisco Router


      I have a Cisco 2811 router, which for some reason NPM is not getting all the SNMP data.  It shows the node up, so I'm getting response times, interfaces show unknown and no CPU or Memory info.  Looks like it issue started a few days ago.  Went back to System Manager on the server, right click on list resources and it shows the interfaces as green.  I tried re-adding the router by going to new and entering the correct info, again sees everything as green but interface show up as ?.  I know the router is up because I have also been monitoring the router using the SolarWinds Toolset on a different server,but I'm using a different interface to poll the data.  So I went back and re-added the router using a different interface and everything looks fine, all interfaces are showing green, getting CPU and memory data.  Now I have 2 routers, same node, is there a way to merge the data?  Also has anyone else see this issue?  Haven't seen this with any other node.  I could delete the node and try to re-add but I don't want to lose that historical data.