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    Custom View on a per-device basis


      I'm running IP SLA Monitor and using the Universal Device poller to give me some graphs when I click on a router that is performing that task.

      I am running IP SLA between 4 routers at the corners of my network so when I click on router 1 I would like to see the 3 graphs to the other 3 routers as well as the usual NodeDetails stuff. When I click on router 2 I want to see the same sort of thing except the 3 graphs should show the 3 IP SLA schedules running from there.

      All I can find is changing the View By Device Type and I would like the NodeDetails view to be by single device (e.g. my QoS routers are 1801s but I have other 1801s as well).The problem here is that all of my graphs are shown for those devices whereas I only want those graphs pertinent to that device to be displayed.

      Can this be done?

      Alternatively, could I create a menu item and point to a webpage showing my 6 graphs? How could I do that?

      Many thanks for your time.