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    Web Chart without titles

      Hi folks!

      Can anyone tell me is there a way to tell Solarwinds Web framework to draw a chart without a title and subtitles? Only graph, axises and footer

      I've tried to put empty string in <Title>, <SubTitle> and <SubTitle2> fields in NetPerfMon.Chart, but I've got a chart with empty space instead of a title.

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          Did you just edit the resource within the web console and remove the name there?

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              I edited NetPerfMon.Charts file and removed contents of <Title></Title> field.

              Let me explain more specific. Any chart in Solarwinds WEB UI is produced by Chart.aspx and must have a template in *.Charts file, right? OK, *.Charts file has <Title><SubTitle><SubTitle2> fields for default values. And Chart.aspx accepts Title= SubTitle= SubTitle2= variables to override the defaults, right?

              I tried to put empty default values to NetPerfMon.Chart, or put %20 to Title=... variables - the effect is the same: I get a chart, with a white space in the header area. But I want a chart without header at all, so the actual graph data or legend are on the very top of the chart.