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    GSM modem / TAP notification / etc.

      Has anyone setup alerts using a GSM modem, TAP or otherwise, at least in North America?  Suggestions on hardware / carrier?  It seems that the TAP interface is going away, with GSM modems being the preferred solution but I can find little guidance on either.  I would like to use a notification medium that bypasses my regular Internet ISP, which is more prone to outage issues than the phone system.

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          We use the gsmsendsms.exe from http://www.pxh.de/fs/gsmlib/download/index.html (there is an old windows binary available). The modem is just a PCMCIA card with a PCI-E adapter, Windows sometimes gives  it a new comport after every reboot Tested with USB dongle, no problems.

          Created an external process which is the action for the alert with these command line parametres:

          failure: -d com1 <number> "%monitorname% failed"

          revoery:  -d com1 <number> "%monitorname% recovered"

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            We have a 2003 server with a standard, actually older, US Robotics modem in it, connected to a standard POTS line and then have an alert setup in ipMonitor that sends TAP messages to a Verizon BlackBerry phone and it works fine.  I know Verizon supports TAP, not sure about other Cell carriers.  See XML of our alert below...I edited out the phone number of our phone(pagerid), but the 'carriernum' is a standard Verizon TAP phone number that we use in the US. Not sure if this helps you or not...

               <name>Page US BlackBerry 24x7</name>
              <pagerid>(Our Verizon BlackBerry phone number goes here)</pagerid>
               <text>%monitorname% is back up</text>
               <text>%monitorname% is down</text>

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              tap gateway

              Sending notifications with TAP and a dialup modem is the most reliable way to do it. This configuration is out-of-band and works even if your network is completely toast. As erharj mentioned, all you need is a modem and POTS line. If your cellular carrier doesn't support TAP, there is a service called TAP Gateway at www.tapgateway.com that provides a TAP to SMS/Email Gateway for all cellular carriers, even Google Voice.