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    NPM Poller (9.5.1) - Stops Polling


      Hi All,

      I probably need to raise a ticket for this, but thought I would run it past everybody first. I am running NPM 9.5.1 and have had this problem a couple of times for no apparent reason

      Basically, Orion stops polling devices for availability (the "Next Poll" on the "Device Details" page is several hours ago). In Windows the service is still shown as "started", but the whole network could be crashing down around it and NPM would be blissfully unaware!

      Can anybody point me in the direction of some log files for the polling service that might help? Clearly this is a big issue for us as we cannot rely on what NPM is telling us.

      It seems to stop polling overnight, so I am wondering if there is some database maintainance/backup/schedule task that is causing the problem.

      I'm after upgrading to Version 10 in the near future, but thought it best to get this problem resolved first


      Thanks in advance