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    Specific Reporting


      I made a report that show all the volumes on the servers and the disk usage. Easy enough. But management wanted a report that included only specific volumes that are of interest of them.

      I managed to achieve this by inserting a keyword into the CAPTION of the volume once the volume was added to the NPM website.

      The reporting is filtering out the volumes I am looking for based on this keywork. Works perfectly.
      "Records where Caption contains KEYWORD"

      Now, I need to exclude these volumes from the overall report. And this does not seems to be as easy as the other report. Basically I am looking for the DOES NOT CONTAIN option, but I can't find any.

      Anybody an suggestions in how to do this other then changing all the captions of all the volumes I have in the monitoring?

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          Andy Ng

          Hi WBolten,

          At the "Filter Results" tab, you can actually change the complex condition from the default "all" to "none"

          You should see the following in your "Filter Results":

          Select records where NONE of the following apply
             Records where Caption contains KEWORD

          And that will help you to exclude those elements from the report.


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              Now, that is a good idea and I must admit I haven't thought of it yet and it would have worked if I did not have more then one filter criteria. :(

              Besides filtering the specific volumes with this keyword I am also filtering the volumes based on the size of the volume.

              I neglected to mention this detail.

              I am now trying to get around this issue by creating a custom field and tick the field to use it for selecting the volume. Tick is selected and untick is not. Will do the trick as well but still.

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                  Andy Ng

                  Hi WBolten,

                  No worries with that!

                  In the "Filter Results" tab, you can actually add multiple complex conditions.

                  It can be:

                  Select records where ALL of the following apply
                     [Your other conditions]
                     Select records where NONE of the following apply
                        Records where Caption contains KEYWORD

                  * Note that indenting so that the filter can be done correctly.

                  Let me know if that helps.