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    Removed Monitors Come Back

      I have a fresh install of 10.0 build 1371 and I did a network discovery and added several systems.  I have two systems that have the HTTPS monitor and it is showing up as down because it uses an invalid certificate.  They are internal websites used only by IS so this is not a issue.  I went into each device and removed the HTTPS monitor.  A few minutes later the monitor is back.  I have repeated these steps several times and there is no change.  I hate to delete the entire device every time I want to remove a monitor.  Is there anything I can try?  Thanks.

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          Hello Bretcollins,

          This is a strange one.  Here's what I suggest:

          1. Go to the Devices -> All Managed Devices.
          2. Click the Device in question.
          3. Click the Monitor you wish to delete.
          4. Once on the Monitor's settings page, note the ID value within the address bar (not to be confused with SID)
          5. Click Delete.
          6. Once ipMonitor has confirmed that the Monitor has been deleted, check to see if the following file exists:
          7. -\program files\solarwinds\ipmonitor\config\monitors\[ID].x

          Let me know.


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