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    IPmon 9.01 monitor for availability of either of two devices

       I have a data center that has two air units. I currently ping each for availabilty and also read in some snmp values.

       These air units work in such a way that only one of them is running at a time. They are setup in failover mode so if unit one should fail, the other will come online.

       I am currently monitoring both devices however, because only one is on at a time, the second unit shows as failed.

       I would like to be able to setup something similar to:

      Unit A is primary. If Unit A fails, send me an alert that tells me Unit A failed but also send me a notice that Unit B has come online.

      Any thoughts how I might be able to do this and also not have the 'currently in standby mode' unit not show red in my device/monitors list?


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          Hello Jim,

          Assuming both Monitors/Devices have been added to an Alert and that the Actions within the Alert have the following boxes checked, the result should be what you are looking for:

          -Send failure notifications

          -Send recovery notifications

          If and when Unit A fails, a failure notification should be sent.  At that time, if and when Unit B goes from a Down/Lost state to an Up state, a recovery notification should be sent.

          Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this.


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