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    Still have to stick with my Excel sheets :-(


      I've been keeping an eye on IPAT since day 1 and have been waiting to see the option to add/create new custom fields rather than just a single 'Comment' field.  I need to keep information related to our POS licenses, Banking Pin Pad Keys, Gift Card username/password, and Register ID along side each one of the Sales Till systems on my various subnets.  So I'm stuck in Excel still until there's an option to create custom columns for manual data entry.

      Another thing I'm able to do with Excel is have ranges of IPs for different 'types' of systems or hardware. That would be a great feature to see.  i.e, you can create custom ranges within the subnet and assign a custom row color, and there would be a color legend displayed.  ie. Edge Devices, Servers, Switches, Print Servers, Workstations, Sales Tills, IP Cameras, IP Phones, Remote Management Modules... as example ofranges I have pre-assigned for each of my sites to keep consisitency across the company.


      Is there a chance either of there features is coming in a future version ?


      I tried creating my own additional field using Access, but of course IPAT ignores it.