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    NCM 6.0 User Tracking Issue


      Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

      After Updating our Installation to the NCM6.0 RC's and now the Final Version, I am expierencing an issue with the "User Tracking Feature" (Find Address).

      I have lost the Layer2 Informations from the switches - Which MAC Address is assigned to which interface (Layer2 Bridge Table).

      The Bridge Informations seems to be inventoried from the switches.

      But if i enter a ip address in the "Find Address" box in NCM i only get the collected Layer3 Informations from the routers - No Layer2 Informations from the switches are here. With 5.5.2 i got the correct interface informations also.

      The new feature on the Website which should also map to this information does not display any line.

      Is this a known issue or should i go forward to open a case.

      Best regards