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    SNMP query


      Does Kiwi CatTools have the ability to query a cisco router via SNMP? I'm trying to run the "Report.Version table" activity against a router via snmp. I can make it work via telnet access, but wanted to try via SNMP.

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          Hi Darkshooter:

          The only SNMP reporting activity supported by CatTools is the Report.SNMP.System summary activity: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/act_repsnmpsyssumry.htm

          All the other reporting activities (including the Report.Version table) require login to the device over Telnet or SSH.

          The Report.SNMP.System summary activity however, supports up to 5 custom OID's, so you might be able to get the version information you want by configuring these within the activity.

          If you really are interested in doing this with SNMP - you might try NCM. It has quite a bit more support for SNMP and you might like some of the added functionality. You can download a free trial here