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    Question about editing graph information


      Is there any way to edit the type of information that appears on the interface graphs?  We would like to open up a DirectLink account so that we can begin sending customers graphs without having to create a login on the Orion server.  However, the only way I can seem to build an account limitation based upon interface is to only allow interfaces which have a "DirectLink" custom property checked off, so that they cannot view certain internal interfaces.

      What I'd like to do is to be able to remove the description at the top of the graph that shows the Interface Caption and have it simply display the information from the Interface Name column in the Orion database.  So for instance, rather than saying "Interface Details - Router1 - t1-0/1/0:5:6 - Customer ID 12345 - Customer A", I'd rather it say "Interface Details - Router1 - t1-0/1/0:5:6".