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    CatTools - Link Job Activities together to ensure they are run in order


      I have a lot of devices to backup on a rolling weekly schedule.

      I have setup seperate jobs for each administrative area within the county - this is to ensure all configs are located within appropriate file system for DR purposes. Is it possible to create a 'master/parent' activity that would then run all the 'child' activities in order without having to set individual schedules for all the children jobs?

      I am finding that if job 1 has not finished by the time job 2 needs to run it ignores job 2.. which means i am missing backups regularly.

      Should it realise it has missed a schedule then re-run it ?

      We only have a 3 hour window for backups each night and so need to find a way for these to be a little bit more self-suffcient.

      any help greatly appreciated.