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    Viewing usage by protocol... only shows data when selecting "both" (ingress + egress)

      I often want to see HTTP usage for a particular link.  I noticed that when I go to NTA summary, one of the default graphs has HTTP traffic right there and it can be broken down by individual links as seen here: http://grab.by/4xOa


      Most of my sites export flows from their internal VLAN interfaces since all traffic passes through them.  When I click on one of them, no graphs show up. I get the message: "No data for selected time period."  


      Here's the weird part, though.  If I change the traffic direction to "both", I get data.  ONLY both works, neither ingress nor egress do.


      I don't have this problem on regular interfaces - it seems to be happening only on VLANs.


      Anyone have any idea whats happening here?