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    Orion Migration


         Orion :- Windows2008 Standard  SL300 

         Database :- SQLSrvr2005Std on W2k3 Standard on a VM . 


      I am planning to migrate the DB from the w2k3 to w2k8 . Is this a recommended action ? 

      i am doing this so as to segment the NM from other Side of the network .


      Is there any known error / issues in having a DB Srvr in VM ? 

        • Re: Orion Migration

          Just use the native tools provided by MSFT to migrate the DB to 2k8.  Having a DB on a VM is not typically recommended for larger installs, but in your case it should be fine.  As you know, SQL can be quite memory and cpu intensive and depending on what other apps you have on that vm you could see some issue.