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    Nodes being added multiple times

      I went through auto discovery and it appears that Orion has decided to add a switch I have multiple times, one for each ip address in the discovered range.  Is there anyway to tell it - hey..this is the same switch merge your data



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          I'm currently going through this same thing right now.  I think the solution is to choose all of the IP's that you don't want to "know the switch as" and set those to be ignored in the discovery results page.

          For example, on my network my default gateway is discovered twice, because it is the active HSRP device, and has another IP in the range. For my purposes, I set the HSRP address to be ignored, and now the discover doesn't try and import it as another device.


          Good luck!

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            Running into the same thing as well.  Are you running additional pollers?  I'm running 3, added 2 at the same time I upgraded to NPM 10.0, not sure if related.

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                So if we find multiple IP's belonging to a single node within a discovery profile we de-duplicate them.  However, if you have multiple discovery profiles setup and added a node via one and we found another IP address for the same node on the other, we currently do not block you from adding that.  I have added an enhancement request to the system to also perform device de-dup there as well.