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    ipMonitor server - Windows PC name resolution


      I'm running the ipMonitor V10 demo software to monitor remote Windows PC's connected via VPN. The problem is the IP of the PC (DHCP over VPN) changes throughout the day.

      When adding the PC's to ipMonitor using the Express Scan function, I am scanning the DHCP scope IP address range. ipMonitor adds the name of the PC, as it should.

      The question is, how it the name resolved using the scan?
      Is it doing a reverse name lookup in DNS, or using NetBIOS name resolution, or some other method such as RPC?

      Note, I have not provided any windows credentials to the scan, so this is using the default discovery method.

      Now here's the rub.
      When manually adding PC's using the name, it discovers the new PC as a different host name and adds it with this other name.

      Now when clicking on a device (PC) I see duplicate ping monitors with 2 different names in the IP/Domain column.

      We have been using Orion for monitoring these PCs, but found due to the lag in DNS lookup, the data is inaccurate as the PC's are constantly changing IP addresses (yes, I know, I have to investigate why this ocurrs so frequently).
      I'm just trying to understand how this product works, to see if it will better suit our needs.

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          Hi Network-Guru - the name is resolved using a NetBIOS query. The issue with the device duplication is this - in automatic discovery, we prevent device duplication by not duplicating the host name. However, when someone manually enters a device, they could mean to have it that way (manual indicates intentional), so we cannot prevent this. Let me know if we can provide more information?