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    Problem with Solarwinds NPM on Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition




      We have Solarwinds NPM with 500 nodes software which was running absolutely fine for the past 2 years on Windows 2003 server.


      We are facing an issue with the installation of SolarWinds on our new Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition.


      Since we have installed Windows Server 2008, we are unable to load our SolarWinds software. We have all the prerequisites in place but still the problem persists. Earlier we were using the same on Windows 2003 Platform without any issues.


      It is continuously popping up with an error saying “Cannot Connect to Solarwinds Key Server, Error description: Host not found”.Note: Internet connectivity from the server is fine using proxy.


      Even after providing the correct serial key we are unable to load the Solarwinds software.