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    Calculating Baseline running by 20 hours with out complete


      I restart my Orion server and begin to calculate baseline, but 20 hours later, the baseline calculating is still running. Any idea?


      20-May-10 01:52 AM    Network Baseline on Engine (SOLAR) Started


      Engine Status       Polling Engine Active
      Type of Polling Engine     Primary
      Polling Engine Version     Engine Version 2010.1.0 - SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2010.1
      Last Restart     20/05/2010 01:41:44 a.m.
      Last Database Sync     Now
      Last Fail-Over     Never
      Elements     6802
      Network Node Elements     2033
      Interface Elements     4753
      Volume Elements     16
      Date Time     20/05/2010 12:01:45 p.m.

      Paused     False
      ICMP Status Polling Index     6802 out of 6802
      SNMP Status Polling Index     6359 out of 6802
      ICMP Status Polls per second     0
      SNMP Status Polls per second     60
      Max Status Polls Per Second     60
      DNS Outstanding     0
      ICMP Outstanding     90
      SNMP Outstanding     271
      ICMP Statistic Polling Index     8530 out of 12503
      SNMP Statistic Polling Index     9948 out of 12503
      ICMP Statistic Polls per second     45
      SNMP Statistic Polls per second     45
      Max Statistic Polls Per Second     45