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    Losing Scans

      I have been using IPAT for probably about a year now.  I have been intermitently losing all of my scan information.  This has now happened multiple (3-4) times.  The first couple of times I thought it just a fluke, but it has just happened again and I would like to find out what might be causing this.  I have resorted to exporting the scans to .csv every time I use IPAT to help aleviate the pain of losing all of the info, especially the comments I add.  At least I have the csv to fall back on, but have been having to re-enter them into the Ip Address Tracker.  Not sure I want to do that anymore if it keeps happening... back to the ole spreadsheet method that this was supposed to replace(?)...

      Basically, what happens is that every now and then when I start up IPAT, for no apparent reason, all of the subnets (I have about 5 different ones that I track) are all blank.  All status = Available, all Last Response = Never, all of the other collumns are blank.  The subnet names themselves are retained, just all the table data is gone.  As far as I am aware, I have exited out of IPAT properly everytime prior to losing the data. 

      I am using version 1.0.38. Also this is not a shared .IPDB data file, but just a file named AddressTracker.IPDB in the My Documents folder of an XP Pro laptop.

      Any idea why this is happening?

      ps. Given my practice of exporting to .csv, it wouldn't be so bad if there was a provision for importing comments back into the .ipdb from the .csv file, as the comments field is the only one that is not automatically re-populated by a new scan...  Any chance of implementing this?

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          I would recommend continuing to regularly export to ensure you don't lose your data.  If you're interested in a more robust solution for IP address management, you should check out Orion IPAM here.


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              As a reply from the moderator and staff member this does not instill confidence in the product at all. 

              I, too, have the same problem in that the data does not reappear for some of the 22 lans that I scan. It makes no difference when or how many lans I monitor.  I read this as the data should be collected by this program and then exported to another and stable program to use! No point in exporting data as a rescan gets it back EXCEPT the comment field which is VERY important.

              A good response would be that the problem is noted and forwarded to the programmers who will fix it - and an expected release date. We are only left by the answer that no-one cares. In that case why should a customer care to use some other product called Orion. How bad is that one? Do we have the time and money to test it to see if it works or is just like this product by the same company?

              So, the bottom line is? "Tuff Luck" SW deosn't care about this product. If it works it works if it doesn't then go elsewhere!