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    NPM Grouping Nodes using DNS hostname


      Would be a great benefit to be able to group nodes based on some form of regex (or other search) of the node's DNS hostname.  For example, grouping by the first x number of characters in the hostname, so nodes that start with "DC1" or "DC2" can be grouped appropriately.    Or if a node contains "core" or "distr" anywhere in the hostname can be sorted into logical groups.  Companies like us use naming standards that take into account geography and the device function with the network (core layer, distribution layer, etc.).  It would be extremely helpful in a large environment to be able to automatically sort nodes based on that information provided by our naming standard, instead of having to configure the configure the Location or City fields.

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          i can visualize using Manage Views and most any of the Node Lists views (which offer three different custom property levels) plus use SQL filter on DNS hostnames.

          if you were to duplicate a few of these Node Lists views and customized them to naming standards by geography i can see potential to do what you are suggesting.

          once these custom Node Lists views were built then any new hostnames would fall into place. of course it would certainly restrict you to using naming standards.

          in our environment we try, but are not 100% compliant. :)

          we only have six states and about 450 network nodes (servers, switches, routers) - so we are small.