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    Not able to use custom fields for filtering in top xx volumes and top xx interfaces portlets


      I am currently attempting to filter disk/interface top xx portlets using a custom field I have created in the volumes db.


      When doing so and providing what should be a valid filter I get an error like:


      Custom SQL filter is incorrectly formated.


      I have done a bit of digging and if I look in the custompropertyeditor.trace file I can see and have verified that any column with a type of 200 (fullname and volumetype for example) works fine for filtering on the top xx portlet but any other type fails. The type of the columns I have added are 202. Looking in the actual sql DB type 200 looks like varchar and 202 looks like nvarchar.

      Note that this is not an issue on the nodes table. I have custom filters there with a nvarchar type that work fine for top xx portlet filtering.

       I am running NPM 10.0 that was upgraded from 9.5


      Anyone seen this or have a fix for it?