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    Error: Data Archive Window Exceeded

      I am testing out the Profiler product and have the trial version installed.  I have installed the agent on a few servers and was receiving data from them all just fine for a couple of days.  Now all of a sudden all of the servers are giving this error in the events view (cpu, disk, uptime and network; I included the error for disk, but it is the same one for each perf counter just change the words out).

      Desc: Data Archive Windows Exceeded
      Details: modulename = mod.sys.perf.disk.diskperf_1.0
      limitSize: 10485760
      Source: Tek Tools

      Suggested Action
      Please verify that the agent is active and licensed for collection

      These errors repeat every 10-15 seconds and are the same for all of the servers I installed the agent on.

      I am sure it is a simple fix.  Any suggestions.  Thanks