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    Interface traffic usage report based on subnet


      Hi all,

      We have a requirement to provide a WAN usage report to a site based on the subnets traversing the link. The link is being shared by two business units and I need to generate a report that shows the usage on the link over the month so that the costs of the link can be properly shared between the two BU's.

      One of the BU's will have traffic going over the link from a known /24 subnet, while the other BU will own the remaining traffic from various subnet ranges.

      Is there a way to generate this using IP address groups in NTA or using the Report Writer? Ideally the result needs to be similar to the following:

      Month 1 WAN Usage:

      Business Unit A (e.g. 10.0.0.*) - 40%

      Business Unit B (all other ranges traversing link) - 60%

      From this data the BU's can then be charged 40/60 for the bill.

      Thats all,