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    Interface Utilization map display problem (9.5 SP5)


      I've successfully used the map display feature for interface statistics before.  I added one to my Main Map display, and it displayed the utilization just like I wanted (In: 10% Out: 18%), except it hasn't changed since (and I know the interface %util has fluctuated all over the place in the meantime).

      I'm using this: In: ${InPercentUtil} Out: ${OutPercentUtil} in the caption for the interface, which works everywhere else I've used it before.

      I've tried refreshing the page, closing the browser, re-editing the caption in Network Atlas and saving again, forcing rediscover and force poll,  nothing will budge the utilization display from the initial values it read even though I'm currently looking at the interface on the Node and it's showing 8% and 28% and has been for 10 minutes (and other different values as well) - but the map display hasn't changed since the first display over 40 minutes ago.  (the poll/collection on this interface is set to 60sec/2min)


      Has anyone run into this?  I couldn't find this issue forum search.  Is there a fix or something I need to do differently?


      Running NPM SLX 9.5 SP5  (will be upgrading to 10 soon)