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    Combining Metrics from Two Devices


      Before I bag this idea thought I would post this in case I am missing something simple.  I am monitoring the load (in amps) on PDU's in various field offices.  Each office has 4 PDU's two of which are connected to the same circuit breaker.  I wanted to create an alert based on  the combined load seen by the two circuits.  I created separate device pollers for each PDU, poll for PDU1 assigned to PDU1. poll PDU2 assigned to PDU2 and they work as expected. I then created a transform of

      Poll for PDU1 + Poll for PDU2

      As of now it's telling me to assign the  Poll for PDU1 to device PDU2 and the poll for PDU2 to device PDU1.  Obviously doing this would  defeat the purpose of the separate device pollers..  Any ideas on how to get around this ??  I know that I can get the results in a report, and I am, but I wanted to be able to generate an alert.