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    How to use syslog Log viewer

      I am rather new to networking and have just created a wireless network within my network, with some help. I am assigning IP addresses via DHCP at the firewall, but use a Linksys WRT610N as wireless access acting as a bridge. I would like to track and log the number of wireless users and average session time each day, week, and month, and someone told me to get the Kiwi syslog log viewer. I feel that I also need the server, but I'm not sure. I am having difficulty finding a step-by-step guide to this freeware. I've downloaded both the log viewer and the server, and enabled log viewer from the Access Point's settings, but I still cannot view any sessions. Do I need to set this up from the firewall instead since that is where the IPs are assigned? I have a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall. Do I need to install the syslog server on the firewall's server computer? How do I connect the seemingly disparate pieces of this puzzle to get a usage log?


      Thanks for any help or advice!