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    unmanaged node in NPM - showing down in NCM


      I have a device in NPM that is unmanaged and it is showing down in NCM...did import and no chane.

      wanted to see how this should behave?

      I would expect NCM to get unmanaged status from NPM and treat it accordingly...

      I do have several nodes indicating unmanaged and some indicating down (FYI).

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          Hi Larry - you know, this is a really good suggestion. Right now, if you want to unmanage a node in NCM, you have to do that in NCM. We don't get any status information from NPM. You raise a really good point though, and I'll make sure we track it as a request. 


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              Hi.  Would seem obvious that one Solarwinds module could communicate to another some essential facts, especially those that required user input/click time to select.   At minimum the import function from NPM to NCM should give a user the option to map the managed/unmanaged status of the device rather than having to do it twice, once on each module for each device.  Was this fixed in the latest NCM 6.1 release?  

              Even if you create an "Unmanaged" group the option is not listed during the NPM to NCM field mapping stage.   Found other threads on this forum looking for a solution to this unmanaged import problem, is there  a workaround?




              NPM 10.1.1

              NCM 6.1