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    SQL SSL Connection for NPM


      Hi All,

      Has anyone had any experience of enabling SQL SSL Connections with NPM?

      We have received a requirement that all connections to our SQL servers be protected by SSL. Specfically I am concerned about any overhead/scaling or potential for issues within NPM/NTA/APM if this were to be enabled.

      Looking at this we should only suffer an overhead on the NPM Host for Encrypting the connections to the SQL Server (SQL Server overheads have been taken into account).

      Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

        • Re: SQL SSL Connection for NPM

          If your requirement is specifically SSL, I'd question the policy outright - seriously.

          Hopefully your requirement is for encrypted SQL sessions, of which SSL might be an option.  If so, I'd do this via IPSec, not SSL.  Get a good NIC that can handle the IPSec offloading (one for your SQL, one for your NPM) and you won't add any noticeable overhead to either system.

          Good luck.  :-)