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    NTA and SolarWinds NetFlow Service will not start

      Orion NPM v10

      NTA v3.6

      Windows 2003 Std Sp2 SQl 2005 BackEnd to host the DB.

      SolarWinds NetFlow Service will not start -

      I get the following error message -

      Critical error in NetFlow listener: Cannot access a disposed object.

      Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'.

      I ran the Configuration Wizard to repaired  the DB, Website and Services to no avail

      Any thoughts?


        • Re: NTA and SolarWinds NetFlow Service will not start

          Hi There,

          Did you shut all the current services down before you did the repair?   I'll be honest and say I'm not an expert in servers (Networkings more my arena) but it seems to suggest that a port being used for part of the process is in service and cannot be contacted by that part of the program.

          It refers to the socket for the endpoint of .NET process and the netflow listener is sulking so my inclination would be to check to see if the netflow collection port wasn't live with another service or device function when you started the Netflow service itself.

          Something simple like a netstat in command prompt would tell you what ports are live/opening/listening etc or changing the default netflow recieve port to an alternative to see if its free (and then potentially changing exports to match if you cant free it up)

          Apologies if this doesn't fix it,  as I say, its not necassarily my specialist subject :)