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    Upgrade to 10 gone awry


      I upgraded to v.10 today.  Most seemless upgrade yet and the main page loads incredibly fast (compared to older versions)

      The main orion page loads fine and my alerts are working.  The problem is that when I drill down to a router/server, I get an error of:

       Your specfic error is:

      c:\Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Resources\CustomPollerStatus.ascx.cs(82): error CS0103: The name 'NetObjectHelper' does not exist in the current context

      I also recieve the following when checking a "volume alert"

      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      I have rerun the install wizard but still have the issue.

      I am opening a ticket as well but thought I may get a faster response here.

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          I hope your avatar does not reflect what is to come... ;-)

          Good luck! 

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            I am also having all sorts of issues with this upgrade.  the main page comes up but I gert an error in displaying the network atlas map.  when I try to manage nodes I get a different error " there is no endpoint listing"  When I try to open Network Atlas it says server is unreachable.  In the eventlog I see all sorts of .Net errors relating to solarwinds.businesslayerhost.exe. 

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              OK, up and running.

              Background: I was upgrading from v.9.5.1 to 10 (not a fresh install).

              Upgrade was one of the fastest I have seen.  1 reboot (Don't recall if it was necessary) and the home Orion page loaded immediately and my existing alerts fired off immediately.  The issue came with anything "beneath" the home page i.e. clicking on a router/server/volume.  The page would throw a different error depending on what I clicked on.

              I attempted a second "configuration wizard" and was thrown an error (unfortunately I forgot to write it down).  At this point, I opened a service ticket and posted here.

              The support staff at Solarwinds was on my server within 23 minutes of the initial ticket. 

              He said to the effect that they "think" its some type of licensing issue but the effect is that the install never finishes.  I gave them the log files for the developers to go through.

              Easiest fix is to go to Add/Remove Programs and "repair" the installation.  Hopefully with the information they got from my box, they can fix the issue before anyone else gets it.

              *edit: I took a before and after screenshot of the installed programs:

              Solarwinds Not Working:


               Solarwinds Working

              Notice that "solarwinds orion network performance monitor v10.0" is not in the initial screenshot.

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                  So now several days later, we are sort of back online.  it seems that the whole problem stems from lack of available space on teh DB server to properly convert the database.  Since, the conversion process does not provide any calculations beforehand it is very difficult to identify the necessary space.  In addition, when the process fails it does not provide sufficient detail to determine that the reset of the components were not upgraded, hence the confusion. 

                  After spending good 6 -7 hours on the phone with support, we also ended up in an instance where our db got corrupted and we lost all the data.  It was fortunate that we were able to find older backup copies so at least we have most of the objects, and now we're in recovery mode of recreating everything that was not present at the time of the last backup.

                  In short, ver 10 seems to be pretty good, however, the upgrade process leaves a lot to be desired. 

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                      Sorry you had a rough time, but thank you for submitting this feedback.  We made many changes in v10 to the install and upgrade process, but we realize there are still room for improvements and you have highlighted one here.  We will look to enhance this in a future version.

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                        Not trying to rub it in, but I upgraded our 3 pollers, additional web server and hot-standby last night with zero issues (and start to finish took 45 mins).

                        Best upgrade yet for our implementation. I had the evening set aside, and didn't quite know what to do after it was completed so quickly!