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    Announcing General Availability of Orion NPM 10.0


      We are proud to announce the General Availability of Orion NPM 10.0.  Below you will find a set of the major features with this new release.  You can download the new release from your customer portal.

      Also, please find the release notes here

      Along with the 10.0 release, we are also releasing a new component, which you can find in the additional components section of the customer support portal. This component allows you to schedule the "unmanaging" or maintenance windows of nodes, interfaces and application.  You can read more about it Scheduling unmanage task for nodes, interfaces and applications.

      Features of This Version

      Orion NPM version 10.0 provides the following new features and enhancements:

      Scheduled Discovery

      With the addition of scheduled discovery, you can now automatically perform regular network discoveries at any time of the day or night. Using the Network Sonar Wizard, you can easily schedule discoveries to occur whenever best suits your network monitoring and management requirements.

      VMware vSphere Monitoring

      This version of Orion NPM adds the ability to monitor VMware vSphere installations by employing the VMware API to supplement ESX/ESXi server data available to SNMP polling.

      Syslog and Traps

      The following Syslog and Traps features have been included in this version of Orion NPM:

      • Using the standard Orion ${vbName1} and ${vbData1}variable format,, trap variable binding names and value pairs are now available as alerting and message variables.
      • The Trap Viewer now allows you to use pattern matching on trap details to create custom trap alerts.
      • Orion NPM node variables are now available for use in Syslog and trap alerts.
      • Syslog and trap alerts now respect unmanaged node status.
      • Orion NPM can now change the status of an interface based on the content of a trap message.
      • Forwarded Syslog messages may now be configured to retain the IP address of the original message source.
      • Forwarded Syslog messages may also be configured to spoof network packets using WinPCap 3.0+.

      Orion Product Team Blog

      Stay in touch with the people who bring you the products in the Orion family by following the Orion Product Team Blog on thwack, the SolarWinds online user community. Read posts from Orion product managers and developers to learn how to extend and optimize your Orion installation to best meet the needs of your network.

      Product Update Notifications

      Receive regular, automatic notification of updates to your installed Orion monitoring and management applications in the Orion Web Console as soon as they are available from SolarWinds. Product updates can include upgrade opportunities, service packs, and hotfixes.


      Using topology data collected during network discovery, the ConnectNow feature in Orion Network Atlas can automatically draw lines between map objects that are directly linked (Layer 2) on your network.

      Other Features in this Release

      The following features have also been included in this version of Orion NPM:

      • Windows Server 2008 R2 is now officially supported.
      • Improvements to Events, Syslog, Traps, and Web Node Management views have improved overall Orion Web Console performance.
      • Network Atlas performance has been enhanced, allowing accelerated loading of larger numbers of maps.
      • Network Sonar Discovery has been improved to better handle the full discovery of nodes with large numbers of interfaces.
      • The Orion Web Console user interface has been improved with the inclusion of module-specific tabs and breadcrumbs for more intuitive navigation.
      • The Database Maintenance utility has been improved to run maintenance tasks more efficiently.
      • The ability to post a URL using HTTP GET or HTTP POST methods as an alert action has been added.