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    Orion NTA Alert Notification

      hi Thwack,

      Please help. How can i make an alert notification (e.g email alert) for the top IP transmitter on Netflow?

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          Currently there is no alerting for data being analyzed in Netflow Traffic Analyzer module.  As an alternative, we typically recommend that our customers build alerts for utilization of bandwidth on key interfaces where bandwidth is shared by other users.  This way, you can receive the alert that you are approaching a threshold that would affect other users experience on the network and then in turn use the Netflow Traffic Analyzer data to investigate who's causing that problem and take action to resolve it. 

          A suggestion to put the data at your finger tips would be to put the top xx netflow resources for the node and interfaces being monitored on the Node Details and the Interface Details pages.  This way, the flow is such that you log in > see the alert, click on the interface and immediately are exposed to who could be causing your problem. 

          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems

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              Depending what information you are looking to be proactively alerted about there may be an alternative.

              Can you offer any more information about what you were after?  An email on the top sender seemed slightly superfluous when you could just get the report writer to email you a custom report on a set criteria over a set period.

              That said if you were looking for certain threshold breaches there are options for active alerting depending on the criteria of the threshold.

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              For now NTA is leveraged as a tool to identify traffic that is out of the ordinary when utilization crosses a threshold off an interface.  The alerting and utilization would actually come from NPM, where you would combine current NTA info or historical details to provide insight into the bandwidth usage on the network.

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