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    Using Universal Device Poller to populate a custom property

      Hi there,

      I've been using Solarwinds a while now, and would like to customize it a little.  I have looked around this forum and can't find exactly what I want which is:

      I would like to report on the total number of interfaces on our network (I do not want to manage them all though, so the standard report won't work)

      I have created a Universal Device Poller which finds the total number of interfaces on each node (OID but I can't see a way of reporting on a UDP.

      I have created a Custom Property (Interfaces) which I could report on but I would have to manually input the number of interfaces of each device on the network.

      Is there a way of either reporting from UDP values or using UDP values to update custom property values?

      (I don't do SQL, so if the answer involves using SQL please go easy on me!)




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          Hi Bar--

          You can do this by designing a custom report:

          1. Click Start>All Programs>SolarWinds Orion>Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping>Report Writer.
          2. Click Create a New Report.
          3. Double-click Historical - Custom Pollers as the type of report.
          4. Click the Select Fields tab.
          5. Click the grey box to the left of Select the following fields: (see attached graphic) to add a new field.
          6. Click on the first asterisk and select Custom Poller>Custom Node Pollers>Status.
          7. Click the Preview button to preview the report.