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    storage profiler not updating

      OK, back again. I successfully got the inventory performed the first time and the reports are nice and would be very useful in capacity planning and trending etc. problem now is the collections are not updating. the asset, storage and performance collects have all been updated 5.1 days ago. all the tests show fine, agents running etc.

      is this an smi-s issue again?

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          This could be for a few different reasons. The first thing to check is that the device is active. To do so, go to Administration -> Resources and click the edit icon next to the CLARiiON device. On this page there should be a check box next to Active: make sure that is checked. The next thing to look into is if the ProfilerCollector service is running. Open up the services menu (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and find the ProfilerCollector service and see if it is currently running. If not, you can start it but it could be good to see why it stopped. To check this there are two logs we can look at, the Kernel.log and the mod.sys.collect.Collector.log. These files are located in <install dir>\webapps\ROOT\logs. The problem could also be with the ProfilerEventReceiver. If this service is not running the Profiler server won't be made aware that the array data needs to be collected. The last thing to check is the status of the SMIS module. To do this, click the stop light icon and see what it says for the status of the SMIS Module. If it says Offline then an error might have occurred. If you don't find the issue the next best step would probably be to get in contact with our sales or support team to take a look at your issue. 

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              the problem looks like the profile collector service is hung. services say it is starting and attempts to kill the svc and restart, and even reboot cause the same thing. just says starting. the logs u mentioned have not been updated since 5/5 which is the last day the collector ran successfully.

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                  Ok, it sounds like this could be an issue with the java memory being set to high. At this point it might be best to get a sales engineer or support representative involved to get you up and running* but in case you want to try and solve this for yourself I'll explain how to change the memory for the ProfilerCollector service on a windows server. 

                  If the ProfilerCollector service won't stop (as it sounds like it is in your case) open up task manager and kill the ProfilerCollector process. If for some reason you can't kill the process in task manager you should try using process explorer usually that'll do the trick. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx)

                  Once the service is stopped we can now edit the ProfilerCollector.ini file to change the memory settings. 

                  Open <install dir>\webapps\ROOT\bin\ProfilerCollector.ini (<install dir> = C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Profiler Server\ if you choose the default location)

                  The value we are looking to change is the number after -Xmx. For example, -Xmx512m which signifies the memory is set to 512 MB. Now, if this number is set above lets say 1024 MB then it's possible this is your issue. If it's set to 1024m or lower then it is most likely this is not your issue. 

                  So, try changing the -Xmx value to something like -Xmx1024m and try and start the service. If this doesn't fix the issue we're going to need to dig through your Kernel.log and mod.adm.collect.Collector.log files (located in <install dir>\webapps\ROOT\logs) to see if we can find out why it's hanging. 

                  *Note: the best way to get a sales engineer or support representative involved as quickly as possible is to open a support ticket through our website (http://www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket/serviceticket.aspx). If you are not a current customer you could probably just put in something like Storage Profiler Eval as the SolarWinds customer ID and someone should be in contact with you shortly after. 

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                      Did look at this one with the customer.  As it turns out, whenever we made the change to the ProfilerCollector.ini file, the copy/paste for the memory values actually pasted into the wrong place, so the line actually looked like:


                      EXT_ARGS=--XX:MaxPermSize=160M Xrs -Xms67108864 -Xmx512m


                      Note the extra dash after the equals and the missing dash before the Xrs.  Made it look like this:


                      EXT_ARGS=-XX:MaxPermSize=160M -Xrs -Xms67108864 -Xmx512m


                      And now it is working again :)