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    Historical Interface Reports


      I'm trying to get help with creating a report that will show percent utilization and transmit/receive errors & discards on a specific interface (network port) on a 6513 from last Saturday (unknown time of day).  Can anyone help with the details and filters I need to include? 

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          For a one off report for a particular incident like this, I normally just set a custom time period on the charts for the interface in question, copy the chart into a Word document and use that instead of trying to create a report in Report Writer.  A report is good if you're creating a report that will be used multiple times, but I find it a bit cumbersome to write reports to correlate data for a single incident.  If you require the data points along with the chart, you can export the chart data to a .csv file by clicking the Raw Data button in the bottom right hand corner of the Customize Chart settings.

          In your case, it looks like you'll just need two interface charts from the interface in question on your 6513 node, the Percent Utilization Line Chart and the In/Out Errors and Discards chart.

          Hope this helps!  If you have any other questions or really want a report from Report Writer, just ask.