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    Unistalling second Polling Engine

      Hello all,

      Need a advice from you.

      I'm uninstalling a second Polling Engine (2nd server) but I'm afraid of doing any damage to the Database as both servers point to the same SQL.

      I can go ahead and uninstall this with no problem? No damage to the SQL?

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          You can uninstall the 2nd polling engine without any consequences.  The polling engines are in a table in the database called 'Engines'.  The nodes are in a table called 'nodes'.  Each node has an assigned polling engine ID which is assigned in a column in the 'nodes' table of the Orion SQL database.  To make sure you have minimal disruption, stop the SolarWinds services on both machines > use the Monitor Polling Engines utility to associate the nodes that were on the 2nd polling engine to the primary polling engine > when you close the Monitor Polling Engines utility, confirm that you want to remove the 2nd polling engine now that it has no nodes associated > and start the Orion services back up on the primary polling engine. 

          This should get you back up and running again with the 2nd polling engine removed from the equation. 

          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems

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