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    Switch Port Description - Any Ideas?


      Hi Everyone, this is somewhat off topic but I know there is a large group of people on here with different views and ideas.  So the issue I'm up against is that the company I work for currently uses server names for the switch port descriptions.  Although this is nice, the reality is that about 60% of our switch port descriptions are accurate due to the server teams repurposing or replacing servers.  We are currently in the midst of the planning stages of a new data center and one of my tasks is to come up with switch port descriptions that will be accurate.  This new method will also be rolled out to our new production data center so I'd like to only do this one time.  We use HP and Sun servers and all the servers have asset tags which don't change once assigned.  So far that is what I'm looking at using but before I bite the bullet, I'd like to see what all of you use. 


      Thanks in advance!