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    IP SLA shadow routers deploiment


      i have a training for 3 months with a SP, and i have to find a solution for perfermance mesurmenent (delay, jitter, latency..) and i think that an IP SLA-based solution will be appropiate, specially with Orion IP SLA MAnager, but i still dont know too mutch about the deploiment of shadow routers in a real environment, i mean with existing SP's routers, shoud we shtdown this routers and replace them with ths shadow routers to make the differenrent messurements??!! ( it sounds illogical and innapropriate),  and does the IP SLA realy geretare the traffic.?? ( Like FTP, HTTP, VoIP....) or i can just mesure the existing traffic performance ( il will be realy awesome if i dont need a web server for web performance mesurement for example)...thx

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          Hello !

          The Shadow routers can be connected via different technologies, such as MPLS VRF, tunnels, and 802.1q.

          The IP SLA probe can generate some traffics.

          Good Luck !

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              thx dude, and i have anothor question,  this one is about traffic generating, i wanna know how can i genarate DNS requests without having a real DNS server, i thought it was possible coz i'v read this in the administrator guide : "IP SLA Manager deploys Cisco IP SLA operations to generate various types of network traffic such as DNS requests, DHCP IP allocation, FTP and HTTP requests......" but it looks like i need to type the IP adress of a existing DNS server.... it dosn't make sens!!! why would i use  a real DNS server if i can just simulate various type of network traffic!!???...