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    95th Percentile Reports

      I am trying to write a Monthly 95th Percentile Utilisation report for each WAN interface on my network.  Is this possible within Orion Report Writer? Or do I have to run a custom report on each node each month? 

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          Andy McBride

          To be sure I understand, you want one report for all WAN IFs or do you want one report per IF?

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              Ideally I would like one report which contained all the interfaces listed in order of highest to lowest.

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                  Andy McBride

                  Follow these steps

                  1. Open Orion Custom Property Editor All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Grouping sand Access Control -> Custom Property Editor
                  2. Click Add Custom Property
                  3. Click Add a new Custom Property from scratch
                  4. Select Add properties to Interfaces
                  5. In Property Name type IsWAN (exactly as shown)
                  6. Property type Yes/No
                  7. OK
                  8. Click Interfaces at top of Custom Property Editor
                  9. Check off all WAN interfaces you wish to report on
                  10. Close Custom Property Editor
                  11. Copy the attached report to Program files -> SolarWinds -> Orion ->  Reports 
                  12. Open Orion Report Writer  All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Alerting, Reporting and Mapping -> Report Writer
                  13. Under Historical Traffic Reports click on WAN 95th Percentile Rate report (Last one)
                  14. Run the report

                    This report was made by adding the following in bold to the existing query


                    WHERE (Interfaces.IsWAN = 1)

                    ORDER BY NodeName, Interface_Caption

                    ORDER BY NodeName, Interface_Caption........