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    Orion receiving e-mails



      Please, I need know how to do this.

      Is there any way to trigger an Orion alert when Orion receive an email with the string "cpqdtemperaturethresholdhight" ?

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          Can you explain this further?  You send an email to Orion and based on that email you want it to trigger an alert?

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              Exactly, is this possible ?

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                  funny, i asked for an email parser as part of the solarwinds suite a few years ago, it would be immensely useful...  picture having SQL server, oracle and lord knows what else sensing nonsensical emails to the service desk, that you have to document and teach the guys how to use.  if solarwinds added a parser, just like the TRAP or SYSLOG parsers, allowing you do trigger a useful, formatted email as a trigger based on content of email, how cool would you be!


                  I have searched the globe for something that does this and i found one product coming out of Latvia i think, but it is difficult to use, and difficult to get support.


                  i fear however that this thread might end up down the TRAP route as that text string looks like a TRAP from a Compaq/HP server






                  (PS. Who is impressed with my long word usage of the word “nonsensical J  )