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    Kiwi CatTools not backing up proper device via Connect Via

      Just ran in to an odd situation.  I don't recall it being a problem in the past, but we may have not
      known to look for it.

      In this case, multiple switches are sitting behind a router.  We're connecting to the switches via the router using the Connect Via dropdown option and running the Backup.Running.Config activity.

      The passwords on the switches had been changed without our knowledge.  We discovered the problem because all of the switch backups were actually the router config.  It appears that CatTools successfully connected to the router, attempted to connect to the switch, failed because the password was wrong, then backed up the config of the device it was currently sitting on.

      We never received an e-mail that the backup failed.

      Any way to have CatTools let us know that the connection failed?  Or at least have it bomb off and not backup the wrong device?

      Enroute Networks