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    The supplied Category is invalid


      When working on a separate unrelated support case I was instructed to convert all my WMI monitors to Windows Performance Counter monitors and was even provided a tool for easy conversion. Now I wasn't having any real issues with WMI other than the occasional server that needed WMI reset but I took the advice of the support engineer anyway and ran the conversion utility.

      It's been a few weeks now and I'm noticing that Windows Performance Counters appear to be less reliable than WMI ever was. I have applications that APM reports as down after the server has been rebooted with the error "The supplied Category is invalid". Sometimes rebooting the server that's being monitored solves the issue, while other times restarting the monitored application does the trick. That's all fine and dandy but when you're talking about your SQL or Exchange server it's not exactly something you can reboot/restart willy-nilly. 

      Has anyone else encountered this problem before and what workarounds have been successful? At the absolute VERY least an error of "The supplied Category is invalid" should NOT put a monitor in a "down" state, but rather an "unknown" state. This would help the alerting situation significantly.