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    Problems with Top xx Protocols graphs


      I have attached 2 graphs.



      These graphs are snapshots from the same endpoint view i NTA. The only difference is the timescale of the graphs. My problem is that the x-scale (KBPS) changes in the 2 views. If the time scale = today the max KPBS equals 2,8 Mbps, but if the time scale = last 2 hours the KPBS equals 4,7 Mbps.

      Is this a bug?

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          Dear MFA, this is rather by the nature of compressed (collapsed) data. To prevent bloating of our database tables we perform several levels of so called collapsion in some time intervals - so for last two hours you have data with bigger granularity then for last day, where data are "averaged" - so instead of your spike to 4,5 Mbps (in last two hours chart) you se rather flat area (in today chart) - but the average rate (area under that part of chart) are same.