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    correct port range for every switch


      I am completely new to Kiwi CatTools. So I am trying out in our lab. At the moment my task is to prepare a campus-wide roll-out for QoS.

      We have different types of Cisco Switches, there are some with 24 and some with 48 Ports. How do I recognize the correct number of ports, so all switches can be configured with one script?

      Regards, Andreas

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          Hello again,

          I had an idea to get this solved but it did not work.

          When I enter

          interface range FastEthernet 0/?

          the response will be

            <1-24>  FastEthernet interface number

          Here is the information that I need between < and >. I tried to extract 1-24 using the Ignore Text function

          { }-{<}|{>}-{number}

          Is it possible to do something like that within the Device.CLI.Modify Config - Template? And how is it done correctly?

          Thanks in advance for your help!

          Regards, Andreas