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    correct port range for every switch


      I am completely new to Kiwi CatTools. So I am trying out in our lab. At the moment my task is to prepare a campus-wide roll-out for QoS.

      We have different types of Cisco Switches, there are some with 24 and some with 48 Ports. How do I recognize the correct number of ports, so all switches can be configured with one script?

      Regards, Andreas

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          Hello again,

          I had an idea to get this solved but it did not work.

          When I enter

          interface range FastEthernet 0/?

          the response will be

            <1-24>  FastEthernet interface number

          Here is the information that I need between < and >. I tried to extract 1-24 using the Ignore Text function

          { }-{<}|{>}-{number}

          Is it possible to do something like that within the Device.CLI.Modify Config - Template? And how is it done correctly?

          Thanks in advance for your help!

          Regards, Andreas

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              Hi Andreas: 

              I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Are you wanting to do a loop such as: 

               Foreach interface in node.interfaces

                              Do something to rollout QoS

              If so, you can write this manually to run in CatTools, but if you are looking for a more automated solution, you might want to try our config template generator free too, which you can find here. Soon, that functionality in the free tool will be located in our flagship configuration management product, so you can generate the config change templates and push them out in one easy process. Look for that really, really soon. 

              Hope that helps!